Folk music concert with Kristina Bergström & Thomas Andersson

Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

An evening with good music, storytelling and good humor.

Humor, warmth and knowledge shine from the stage when these two musicians and narrators meet their audience. They share a common belief that oral stories get people in a good mood and that music itself can be world-class, regardless of whether it is performed at large concert halls or at Per-Albintorpen's kitchen table. They dive deep into human life and phenomena and serve a string of songs that are all the best. Among other things, we get to know truths from the area, listen to the biggest hits from Norsjö and Erlandstorp and of course also get to know the latest news on the pedal organ front!

Kristina Bergström - pedal organ fanatic and entertainer from Hälleström, Sjulsmark. Kristina is Norrbotten's own pedal organ queen and a crackling entertainer who has so far worked in secret. She plays with merely merited violin and key harpists and has quickly made herself known for her swinging anddancing playing styles, paired with an endless joy of playing.

Thomas Andersson - fiddler and narrator from Bygdsiljum, Burträsk. Thomas is a living fiddler legend who has also made unforgettable storytelling performances for stage and TV in recent decades. Member of the style-forming folk music group Burträskar'a and with solid knowledge of playing art and told from previous tradition bearers. Since 2015, Thomas has been an honorary doctor at the Faculty of Humanities at Umeå University

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Price information

Tickets: 250kr