Laika with Özz Nûjen

Boliden, Skellefteå

A man returns to earth. Through the window in the bar where he becomes a regular, he watches the people passing by; those who have and those who do not have, those who are included, and those who are outside.

He generously and poetically preaches with both humor and seriousness about the shortcomings of society; gives a voice to those who would not otherwise be given space to be heard. In the stories we get to take part in, small wonders take shape. Maybe it's so, that there is a miracle in all of us?

- This will be a show where you will get to laugh. Because you can laugh at the misery, well then you can also take hold of the misery and solve it, says Özz Nûjen.

The play's creator is the Italian actor and author Ascanio Celestini.

Ascanio Celestini sees the world from the perspective of the disadvantaged and captures the audience with his descriptions of social and political injustices in a way one cannot resist. As an audience, you always feel the underlying seriousness while laughing your way through the performance.

On stage we see Özz Nûjen and accordionist Markus Räsänen.

29Oct 19:00 - 20:30

Contact information

Bolidens Folkets Hus
Contact: Susanne Sundvall
Phone: +46-702320156

Organizer: Bolidens Teater och Musikförening


Price information

|Translated by Google translation| Adult without stage pass SEK 250 Adult with stage pass SEK 200 Metal SEK 220 Youth SEK 60