Sven Ingvars – A small piece of Värmland


By claiming at the album release in 2019 that "Nothing is as before, everything is as usual" Sven Ingvars gave a truthful description of life, and seen in the rearview mirror, that line holds Sven Ingvar's entire career in his hand, even the strange year of 2020. For 65 years, the band has been in transit in people's hearts and has sought its way all the way into the people's soul. Now the focus is on the future and the anniversary year 2021 will be celebrated with a nationwide tour!

- "A small or large piece of Värmland or Sweden, I let others decide, but in a way it describes exactly what we are, we have sprung from the Värmland soil and we neither should nor want to wash it away. All that we is, everything we have been should be accommodated in what we do now. An anniversary I see as a kind of summation of the energy, love, soul and heart all previous members of the band contributed, I think that is what makes us vibrate even today and thus lives on ”, - says Oscar Magnusson, frontman in the band since 2017.

Sven Ingvar's song treasure is enormous, and perhaps it is the variety, the musical cross-genre that has made so many from different generations absorb the music and the genuine joy of playing the band possesses. Sven Ingvars has always gone his own way, straight and crooked, and collected impressions from his contemporaries and created something completely his own and unique from it. Ahead of the autumn tour, a treasure chest has been opened, containing history, music, records, flops and thoughts from the 50s to the 2020s. A whole life in the service of music.

Sven Ingvars released the new song "The end of the red thread" on New Year's Eve as a first step in this year's celebration and it has received a very warm welcome from the audience. "The end of the red thread" is frequently played on the radio and has become Sven Ingvar's 54th (!) Song to enter the Swedish top.

And by all accounts, there will be more new music during the year!

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