Lövånger, Skellefteå

October 29-31

The wind blows against the windows, the darkness has long since settled over the churchyard. And now the unreal is beginning to become real. Whisks that rock, beds that shake, scissors fly through the room and surely you feel extremely watched on the stairs by the billiard room?

These are just a few of all the things we have been through just the last two years from Lövånger Kyrkstad and Lövångergården. With its centuries-old history, it's not so strange that it "cracks a little in the walls" sometimes. But it also makes us think that this is the absolute best place to celebrate Halloween. And of course we will help a little on the stack.

For the second year in a row, we are cooking up a Halloween weekend with the most disgusting pieces we can think of and we hope you will find it as "fun" as we think ..

Program Halloween weekend 29-31 October


Check-inin your cabin after 2 p.m.

Murder, death and horrors with Murder-Martin. Our wonderfully unpleasant play leader Martin takes you on inconveniences such as hot stuff ... Awesome dinner and various "games" are on the schedule this evening.

Saturday morning: Breakfast buffet in the restaurant

Morning: Own play. Take the opportunity to look around. Take a trip to Gärdefjärden nature reserve. YouTube: a Lövånger Kyrkstad and watch all ghosthunter movies from here. Build a snowman. Bring a fishing rod and take a leisurely fishing trip and forget about the unpleasantness that awaits around the corner. Have lunch, or why not one of our quirky waffles in our waffle house. Only the imagination sets the limits for what you should have fun with.

Afternoon: Join us in the world of spirits and meet a real medium, who learns, educates and explains. What has she been through and seen only the last 24 hours she has been here?

Beforeevening: Dress up and put on make-up in your worst outfit.

Evening: The final evening begins with an "unguided tour" down in our basement spaces. If you get up from there, a fun party awaits with an unpleasant dinner and a proper party atmosphere with Station Underground all evening long.

Morning Sunday: Breakfast buffet in the restaurant. Inclusion of all participants so we did not "lose anyone" during the weekend. Check-out no later than 12:00

In the event of any changes due to current restrictions, the plans may change.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Follow the road through Lövånger. After 500 meters you will find Lövånger Kyrkstad on the left side. Can not be missed with its many rows of red cottages.