Stage 4, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

Luleå son Robert Hurula begins his extensive Nordic tour with a premiere in Skellefteå on February 5. Hurula has since his debut album "Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för" (2014) cemented himself as one of the most important artists in Sweden.

He was praised for the albums "Vapen till dom hopplösa" (2016), "Klass" (2019) and last year's "Jehova" and received love from both critics and listeners. He has been awarded a Grammy in the category "Rock of the Year" - three years in a row!

The guitar rocker's album "Klass" from 2019 is described as Hurula's most personal music album and it is becoming increasingly clear that he is one of the foremost and best contemporary painters of our time.

The gripping stories of class, exclusion, mental illness and beating hearts in second-hand apartments have made Hurula the voice of all who have promised never to be like them. What is fantastic on record is, if possible, even more fantastic live.

On February 5, he will be on stage in Sara kulturhus.

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