Stockholm Jazz Orchestra

Stage 4, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra (SJO) was formed in 1984 by trumpeter Fredrik Norén who has also administered, held together and launched the band. A big band with the classic setting, ie 5 scissors, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets + comp. In addition to gigs in Sweden, SJO has visited the USA, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Uruguay and several European countries. Krister Andersson accompanies on this tour as an invited soloist and Göran Strandberg who wrote the music sits at the piano.

Musicians: Fredrik Norén, Karl Olandersson, Nils Jansson, Magnus Broo, trumpets. Bertil Strandberg, Lisa Bodelius, Hannes Junestav, Anders Wiborg, trombones. Johan Hörlén, Sebastian Jonsson, Krister Andersson, Robert Nordmark, Fredrik Lindborg, scissors. Adam Ross, drumset. Martin Sjöstedt, double bass. Göran Strandberg, piano comp /arr.

Price information

  • 160 kr members in Boston
  • 200 kr others
  • 25 kr Students
  • 25 kr Companions