Author visit: Kick the ball to the moon

Jörn, Skellefteå

Carina Linder talks about her newly written book "Kick the ball to the moon".

A depiction of reality about being paperless and living in limbo in Sweden today. To not be allowed to stay and also not have the right to come to their country.

The story is a bottom-up perspective that evokes many reflections on organ trafficking, vulnerability, and hardship. Asks the question of what a human being is worth and what is included in being human. On the consequences of political decisions. Who will comfort the knot !!

Carina Linder was born in Burliden Burträsk, where she also farmed with her husband for many years. She has also, among other things. worked in asylum accommodation for unaccompanied minors for many years.

Carina has always been interested in theater and storytelling, played an amateur theater in Burträsk theater forum for over 20 years, and had some short storytelling performances of her own written material. Has i.a. university studies in drama, theater, film, popular fiction, and creative writing.

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27Oct 18:00 - 20:00

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Fri entrance.

A limited number of seats, please pre-book.