Cas Public – 9

Stage 2, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

Let yourself be swept along by powerful music and driven dancers when Canadian Cas public visits Sara kulturhus. Canadian choreographer Hélène Blackburn examines how the Ninth Symphony would be experienced if our hearing were impaired, just as it was for the author Beethoven.

Cas Public is known for its eloquent dance. In performance 9, choreographer Hélène Blackburn has used her disability as a starting point for her new creation. Our senses allow us to understand the world around us. How is it possible to capture the monumental grandeur of the Ninth Symphony - one of the masterpieces of the classical repertoire - if our hearing, like that of Beethoven, is impaired? Performance 9 embodies this challenge through a bold sensational journey.

The performance is one of three performances that are part of a package where you as a buyer get the opportunity to take part in world-class dance.

Other performances in the package:

March 17, 2022 - Chotto Xenos by world choreographer Akram Khan and his solo work on war from the perspective of a colonial child soldier.

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28Apr 19:00 - 19:50 Stage 2, Sara Kulturhus

Contact information

Contact: Olof Westring
Mobile: +46-706407433

Organizer: Sara kulturhus/Dans i Nord


Price information

Tickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center and on the organizer's official booking page.

For more info about tickets tel. + 46 (0)910-452515 or

NOTE! There is no reservation of tickets, only direct purchases.


Recommended age: From 9 years

The performance is about 50 min.

Coproduction : Cas Public & Kopergietery
Choreographer and Artistic Direction : Hélène Blackburn
Assistant to the Artistic Direction : Cai Glover 
Dramaturgy : Johan De Smet
Music : Martin Tétreault
Lighting Design : Emilie B-Beaulieu and Hélène Blackburn
Scenography : Hélène Blackburn
Costumes : Michael Slack and Hélène Blackburn
Films : Kenneth Michiels
With the participation of : Seymanur Kizilca, Evgeni Miroslavov, Chaz Keith Salfamones, Ramzi Serrai, Burhan Zambu

Photos : Damian Siqueiros