10MILA Skellefteå 2023

Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Skellefteå

10MILA in Skellefteå 2023 - all under one roof

The northernmost 10MILA ever and rarely have there been more reasons for your participation!

2023 will offer a lot under one roof with four competition days during the Ascension weekend, 18 - 21 May. A competition in the middle distance on Thursday. City sprint on Friday and then we end with the 10MILA bidders on Saturday and Sunday. All competitions indecisive and fast-paced Norrland terrain just a stone's throw from Skellefteå center.

The 10MILA night will be bright, so most of you can leave the lamp at home. Also the competition arena is indoors in our large sports complex - Skellefteå Kraft Arena. A maximally equipped arena where, in addition to goals and exchanges, we offer opportunities for unique club places, restaurants, side activities and 6,000 spectators. In addition, loaded with technology for the best experience.

All this under one roof!

If it seems interesting and you want to make sure early on about the very best conditions for 2023, you are of course welcome to contact us today.

Private accommodation

See all available private accommodations on this page (link)

If you have accommodation to rent within 10 MILES, fill in the details HERE


Ola Mannberg ola@cronimetnorr.se

Thomas Norström thomas.norstrom@bodaborg.se

A warm welcome to Skellefteå 2023.


The first 10MILA took place as early as 1945 and was the first multi-man role in orienteering history. The association Tiomilakavlen, Skellefteå Orienteeringsklubb, and Skellefteå municipality have together agreed on a declaration of intent to arrange Tiomila in Skellefteå in 2023.