Cultural School and David Lindgren - I am a human being!

Stage 1, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå


Due to current restrictions on events in Sweden, the concert with Kulturskolan & David Lindgren is rescheduleed.

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Together with the former culture school student David Lindgren, Skellefteå Culture School presents its performance - I am a human being.

The performance is based on children's poems that have been set to music, choreographed and dramatized by the culture school's teachers. Together with orchestras and choirs from the cultural school, students and teachers in year 3 from Byske, Kåge and Tuböle participate, representing the students who wrote poems.

- This is a big investment on our part and it feels good that the children's words, thoughts and reflections can come out. Then it is of course great fun that we get to take David on stage, says Hanna Birath, unit manager at Skellefteå Cultural School.

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