Oh my God / Voi Luoja

93130 Skellefteå, Skellefteå

An existential comedy with God on the therapy couch.

God is tormented by anxiety and despair over humanity. He needs therapy. He seeks out Ella, a single parent and full-time psychotherapist, who also does not always have it so heavenly. So when God meets her, a modern, highly educated person - and atheist - the meeting becomes complicated to say the least. Over time, it becomes increasingly unclear who is actually being treated by whom. The story bounces energetically in time - from today to biblical times, and back again.

The Israeli playwright Anat Gov offers a tickling deep dive into the very innermost essence of the Western world. The play is a subtle and cocky comedy about prejudice and misunderstanding, about timeless needs and breathtaking development. On stage, we see two of Finland's foremost actors, Martti Suosalo and Sanna-Kaisa Palo, both of whom have participated in countless beloved film, TV and stage productions over the years. For example, Sibelius,Emmauksen tiellä and Karjalan kunnailla to name a few. The ensemble also includes dancer, choreographer and musician Ari Kauppila.
A guest performance from Espoo City Theater and Tampere Workers' Theater.

Played in Finnish and subtitled in Swedish and Finnish.


Sanna-Kaisa Palo
Martti Suosalo

Ari Kauppila

Artistic team:
Manus: Anat Gov
Directed by: Taru Mäkelä
Suomennos: Raija Talvio
Scenography, costume and lighting design: Max Wikström
Sound design: Tommi Koskinen

Photographer: Juuso Westerlund

 Performance length: 2 hours incl. 20 min break

Price : SEK 310 youth /students: SEK 150 Stage pass: - SEK 50 discount.

Location: Nordanåteatern

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Organizer : Skellfteå Riksteaterförening

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15Feb 19:00 - 21:00

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Price information

Price: SEK 310 Youth / students: SEK 150 Stage pass: - 50 discount

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