Jonathan Johansson

Stage 2, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

Jonathan Johansson broke through in 2008 with the song "A hand in the sky", in 2009 the album of the same name was released. He has received the award Newcomer of the Year at the Grammy Awards and Artist of the Year at P3 Gold.

His music goes from the bright elated to the black sad, he has really managed to find his unique place on Sweden's music scene and delivers pop music in a warm, honest form. In 2015, "Living space!" which is funky and colorful but the old quality remains.

"Scirocco" was released in February 2020 and includes the singles "Are you passionate?" and "April 7". The album is the first since "Love & Devotion" (2016) that explored the impossible possibilities of love. Before that, Jonathan released the acclaimed "Lebensraum!" (2015) which to no one's surprise became one of the year's highest rated Swedish records.

Since the debut with "A hand in the sky" in 2009, all of Jonathan's releases have been rewarded with lots of press roses and all sorts of award nominations. There is no doubt that "Scirocco" will continue on the same path. When the album reached the country's critics, it was quickly established that one of the strongest releases of the year had landed. "One of the bravest, most inspiring and elaborate Swedish albums I have ever heard" praised Jan Gradvall and NWT filled in with "It is almost consistently insanely good, in its greatest moments overwhelmingly ingenious".

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