Stage 4, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

Skellefteå municipality's celebration of the Year of Democracy ends so aptly with Ellenor Lindgren's performance "Lev!". 

The Call - Live! -  was Sara Lidmans constant end to her speeches. "We have a responsibility as humans not leave the earth unlived. We'll see, engage, respond, act, get involved, love, enjoy, be annoyed - simply live while we can.

Act one of the performance is followed in act two by a lecture about Sara Lidman as an agitator

Revue: "It is impossible to defend against Sara's words and Ellenor Lindgren's voice… There are as many clenched fists as a pounding heart. When she finally declares that during the short time we are here, we must follow Sara's motto, her exclamation mark: live, yes, then just obey! ” By Malin Wallin, Norran          

About the show Sara Lidman was a fantastic speaker and one of Sweden's strongest opinion leaders in her time. From the 1950s until her death in 2004, Sara Lidman gave numerous public speeches. She was controversial and even today her speech stands out as sharp, warm, fearless and brilliant in its rhetorical power. About 200 of them are preserved in the research archive in Umeå. The performance is based on parts, as current then as now and which should and deserve to be heard again! The performance contains exact quotes by Sara, from demonstrations, solidarity meetings, inaugural speeches and other public meetings. This is a musical collage created by Ellenor Lindgren, Tim Enberg and with mix / processing by Manne von Ahn Öberg.         

Production tasks: Ellenor Lindgren (Skellefteå) Idea, script, project management, performance Tim Enberg (Skellefteå) Music Manne von Ahn Öberg (Jävre) Mastery, mixing, technique Helena Engberg Tunström (Malmö) Scenic ball blank Harald Larsen (Skellefteå) reference person text

The length of the performance about 45 minutes
The length of the lecture about 40 minutes  

Note! Free admission but registration is required. 

Registration: Audience link https://simplesignup.se/event/187746  

This performance is funded by funds from the Swedish Arts Council, the Arts Council, the Västerbotten Region and Skellefteå Municipality. In collaboration with Skellefteå Municipality's Democracy Year, Bilda and Skellefteå National Theater Association.

Responsible contact person: 
Ottiliana Rolandsson, project manager for Democrazy year 


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