Angry Grizzly Bar-Café


Angry Grizzly Bar is a Lebanese restaurant with Meza Bar. With us, you can mix Mezatallrik over the counter.
'Meza' are Lebanese small dishes in the form of various stir-fries, salads, pies, and much more that is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Lunch is also served here, with the possibility of take-away and catering.

At Angry Grizzly Bar you can see the big and important sporting events. But we also show the most interesting league matches in, among other things, football and hockey and a number of other sports. This means that you can easily take part in what you like to watch. Come yourself, or bring your friends. Either way, it's easy, popular, and fun to watch sports at Angry Grizzly Bar. Welcome to the heat with us for a beer or two and a good match! We are a sports bar with a solid selection.