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Burträsk Hat Museum

BURTRÄSK, Skellefteå

Burträsk hat museum brings you back in time!
This is a totally unique museum showing hats for both women and men from the 1930s to the 1960s.
The base of the collection are hats that the milliner Jenny Petrina Stenqvist offered in her hat shop in the small village of Glommersträsk during four decades.
When the Klockljung family - the owners of the Glommersträsk Hattmuseum with visitors from all over the world - moved to Burträsk in 2020, they took the hats with them.
Visitors in all ages are allowed to try on many of the more than 250 hats. There are plenty of mirrors! Don´t forget your camera!

Contact information

Vasabrogatan 8
Contact: Mats Klockljung
Phone: +46-703135206
Mobile: +46-703746447


Opening hours

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  4. Friday11:00-15:00
  5. Saturday11:00-15:00
  6. SundayClosed
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  • Historical Sight