Om Lappspelsmannens sorgeliga död

Stage 2, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

This version has been upgraded from previous plays and has received a lot of attention in southern Sweden. The performance is now more about the Lapp fiddler's life than his tragic death. The violin's tones have also been interspersed with a style of trolling that was popular at the end of the 19th century, during the time this artistically unbeatable musician walked our paths.

This story is unfortunately true. 

One fiddler killed another. The victim was counted as a particularly talented great fiddler, so the incident was widely reported. There was also talk that jealousy would have had something to do with it. Although this performance is not just about his death, but just as much about his life.

In contemporary documents, he is mentioned as "wandering and impoverished." Such a person does not leave any property to speak of, but rather traces in people in the form of strong musical experiences and memories from enchanted dance evenings, such as are often transformed into oral stories and legends.

The rumor of his feats with the violin has lived on through time. His name was Johannes Renström (1857 - 1886) born and raised in Skellefteå but as an adult without a permanent residence. In folklore, he was generally called "Lappojken". "Patch" - because that was how it was said about the Sami at that time and "the boy" because he was so unusually small in stature. Small for the plant  - but big in other ways.

The title of the performance "About the sad death of the Lapp fiddler" is taken from a song that was dictated about the event - a song we will surely listen to during the show.

About Thomas Andersson: fiddler and narrator from Bygdsiljum, also living in Umeå. His titles in chronological order: fiddler, tractor driver, imitator, truck driver, violin educator, crushing engineer, playwright, grave digger, oral narrator, author, construction engraver, garbage driver, folk music documentary and honorary doctor.

Collaboration: Skellefteåkommun /Demokratiåret, Skellefteå Riksteaterförening and Bilda. 

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