"Kaffet" - Standup with Olof Wretling

Nordanåteatern, Skellefteå

Olof Wretling, known for among others "Bäst i test", "Mamma's new guy" and Klungan, is one of the country's most popular comedians and storytellers. Now he is heading out into the country with "Kaffet" - a comical and playful performance based on his celebrated Winter Talk from 2019 "Kaffet på nattåget".

Olof must take the night train from Umeå to Stockholm to examine his vocal cords after he lost his voice during a performance. In his night compartment, he is joined by none other than the authors Torgny Lindgren, Sara Lidman, and PO Enquist. In the performance, Olof invites the audience on a journey through both Sweden and his own life - with stories about how he drew strength from friendship, the funniest sound on earth, and a comedian's worst nightmare: losing his voice. During the journey, we ask ourselves the question "do you really say 'coffee' about coffee?".

- I will play all the roles myself. Right now I'm practicing sounding like Sara Lidman, says Olof Wretling.

The show is about 80 minutes without intermission.
Age limit. 11 years

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22Oct 16:00 - 17:20 and 19:00 - 20:20 Nordanåteatern
23Oct 14:00 - 15:20 Nordanåteatern

Contact information

Nordanåteatern, Ernst Westerlunds allé
Contact: Ingela Norrby, Biwa Sverige AB
Phone: +46-771477070

Organizer: All Things Live i samarbete med Biwa Sverige AB

E-mail: info@biwa.se

Price information

SEK 495 + service fee


Language: Swedish 

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