Helen Sjöholm & Anna Stadling - Snö & marschaller

Stage 1, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Helen Sjöholm & Anna Stadling were born a day apart at the same BB, got to know each other at school and have been close friends ever since. After almost 40 years of friendship and musical encounters, Helen Sjöholm and Anna Stadling have collected the songs they loved and lived with all Christmas. Now it is clear that the duo will go on a long-awaited Christmas tour in 2022 and release a completely new album - "Snö & marschaller".

The duo that Helen and Anna created as teenagers has resurfaced in rounds with most successful collaborations over the years. The idea of a Christmas tour became a reality in 2018 when they went out into the country with "Sånger i vintertid" - a concert that was loved by both audiences and reviewers.

In the autumn of 2021, we finally heard them together again. They released the single "Julen kan hjälpa" and did three exclusive gigs in Visby and Vara. Now we can happily say that Helen and Anna will return with a joint album that will be released in October - where everything from classic Christmas songs to newly written material and new Swedish translations are promised.

The album is produced by Tobias Fröberg and has mostly been recorded in Sandkviestudion in Visby. Helen and Anna took the musicians Jesper Nordenström and Nisse Törnqvist to Gotland and found there the tone and the touch that adorns the entire album.

The Christmas tour has just like the album been named "Snö & marschaller". The title is taken from an original song written by Lars Winnerbäck.

Also on stage are:

Jesper Nordenström, keyboard
Nisse Törnqvist, drums & percussion
Johan Lindström, guitars
Dan Berglund, bass
Linnea Olsson, cello / vocals

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