Finissage and music from Alma Augusta

Exhibition hall, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

On Saturday 21 May, on the second last day of the exhibition 'with Love', MAN invites you to a finissage. Singer-songwriter Alma Augusta plays music at the Exhibition Hall, the Art Workshop is open and MAN offers something small to eat and drink. Warm welcome!

14-17 Finissage for the exhibition 'with Love'
Take the opportunity to see MAN's first ever exhibition in Sara Kulturhus - 'with Love'. It runs until May 22.
14-17 The Art Workshop is open
During the finissage you are welcome to create images in collage-style with inspiration from the works' titles in 'with Love'. For all ages!
15.30 Alma Augusta plays music at the Exhibition hall
Naked as the mountain massif, fragile as the first ice cover of autumn, rocking warm as the flames of fire. Singer-songwriter Alma Augusta takes the audience on a journey through sore hearts, everyday quotes and the depths of the forest. Indie meets show and blues in self-written songs about life in the north.

Warm welcome!

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