Motivation - my weakest link

Stage 1, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå
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Each person's story is unique and worth listening to. Some are particularly interesting, such as the one about the skating star, the Olympic champion and the world champion Nils van der Poel. Only 25 years old, he had won everything that could be won, set a world record and ended his elite effort by publicly publishing his training diary - and giving away one of his Olympic gold medals to imprisoned Gui Minhai.

However, he himself says that motivation is his weakest link:

“I have not chosen my dreams, many times I have wished I had dreamed of something less strenuous than skating 10,000 m. The weakest link in my sports career was always my lack of motivation. What prevented me from succeeding was first and foremost my unwillingness to do so. I will talk about how I learned to understand my driving forces and made them grow stronger. ”

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