Nordanåteatern, Skellefteå

If you can see your own shadow, is it also a part of you?

The critically acclaimed American choreographer Rena Butler makes her European debut with Norrdans. The work Cave is based on Plato's cave parable, to tell through prejudice and strong dance about prejudices and preconceived notions, about decolonization and new knowledge.

Although it is more than 2000 years since Plato's cave parable was created, the subject is as relevant now as it was then. It is with clairvoyance and artistic finesse that Butler grasps the subject and applies it to our time.

Cast : Arūnas Mozūraitis, Damini Gairola, Courtney Mazeika, Kevin Julianto

Lander Casier, Sam Huczkowski, Leila Verlinden, Chang Liu

Choreographer: Rena Butler
Composer: Darryl Hoffman
Costume designer : David Gehrt
Lighting designer : Sofia Linde, Hannele Philipson

Photographer:Lia Jacobi

Performance length : 1 hour 10 min

Price: SEK 150 youth /students: SEK 100

Organizer: Skellefteå National Theater Association

You can buy the tickets at the office Skeppargatan 11B tel. 0910-125 03, Skellefteå Tourist Center tel. 0910-452510 or

You can also buy tickets at the box office on the show night

070-570 39 57

NOTE! The ticket office closes 5 minutes before the show starts

18Oct 19:00 - 20:10 Nordanåteatern

Contact information

Skeppargatan 11 B
Phone: +46-91012503

Organizer: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening

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Price information

Price: SEK 150 youth / students: SEK 100