Finnforsberget with guided tour of rock paintings

Finnfors, Skellefteå

Welcome to Finnforsberget! We start by showing the unique rock paintings. Archaeologist and cultural environment antiquarian Olof Östlund at Skellefteå Museum participates. We start at 16.
After the tour, which takes about 45 minutes, there will be coffee and a hike to the very top of Finnforsberget 251 m above sea level.

On the way back we pass Rövarberget and Finnforsgrottan. Here will be a short account of the so-called Finnfors robbers.
(But you can, of course, only participate in the rock paintings if you so wish).
If you want to hike with the rest of us, we start at 15.15 from the green flag, see the map.

Feel free to bring your own coffee, but we offer brewed coffee and buns. (We will bring our own gas stove).
Organizer: Top of Skellefteå /Magasin Silvervägen
NOTE. The end time for viewing and hiking is approx. 18.30.
Questions? Maria Söderberg tel. 070-3500555

2006 Two places with rock paintings were found on Finnforsberget, on the north side of the Skellefteälven river. They are unique in Sweden. Never before have fish been found as motifs on rock paintings. There are a total of 29 fish pictured here. In addition, there are some pictures of both moose and humans. We have obtained a temporal point of reference for human activity at the site through finds at the excavation - large amounts of preparatory work for points with a square base. Such arrowheads were used during the Bronze Age, about 2,000-500 BC.

Photo of rock carving: Krister Hägglund, Skellefteå museum

26Jun 16:00 - 18:30

Contact information

Contact: Maria Söderberg
Phone: +46-703500555

Organizer: Top of Skellefteå

Website: www.topofskelleftea.blogspo...

Price information

Cost: SEK 150. Can be paid on-site with Swish or cash. For you with a Top of Skellefteå card, it is free. The card can be purchased on-site or at Skellefteå Tourist Center. No pre-registration.