The village with the milkstone - A photo exhibition about Önnesmark


Ulf Johansson shows us 50 years of documentary images from his homevillage Önnesmark. Ulf is a contemporary documentary photographer and through his classic images, the visitor gets to see a village in change. The exhibition highlights snapshots from life in Önnesmark - joy, sorrow, life and death.

Ulf Johansson - about the milkstone:
If we can get milk from a stone - then no cows are needed.
When I as a child heard that there was a "milk stone" in our village, it immediately set my imagination in full swing. I of course knew that the cows we had at home on the farm gave us milk. But that there was also a magic stone in the village, which probably contained so much milk that it would never run out - it was almost inconceivable!
I remember thinking it was an incredibly valuable treasure. Such a stone must be worth "a lot of money". I thought the stone must remain our secret - so that thieves and bandits wouldn't come and steal it from us. So many exciting thoughts!
At the same time, I was worried about what would happen to our cows. They had always lived with us on the farm. If a stone can give us milk, then no more cows are needed.

Now, almost 60 years later, I can sometimes miss the lively imagination I had as a child - where the boundary between reality and fairy tale could flow together.

Today, however, I can state that there are no longer any cows left in the village. The milk stone is still in the same place - and we have milk…

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The exhibition runs until January 15, 2023.

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