Food Choice - You can make a difference

Exploratoriet Science Center, Skellefteå

Explore and discover in our new interactive exhibition MatValet!(food choice)

Could our food run out? Only a third of all food produced ends up in someone's stomach. What will the consequences of that be?

Ecosystem services - how do they affect you and your life?

Pollinators - why are they important for our food production?

At 11.00 and 15.30 Test drive the electric tractor outside on our farm!

Open 11.00 – 16.00 Food Workshop – Grow your own food.
Create your own pot, fill it with soil and sow the seeds. Take it home with you and watch as something edible grows.

- Beemaze - Survive as bee.
- Take a seat in the tractor and work the field in the farming simulator
- Take a closer look at some pollinators with a microscope
- Climate smart shopping - Take the challenge to make a climate smart taco inside our own grocery store "varuträsket".
- Take some time to relax at the pasture with the cow and sheep.
- Explore the kitchen and make sure to put everything in its place in the fridge.
- Look for pollinators - Find all the pollinators and you might get a price.

All this and much much more.

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