Sävenäs Pop & Vis Festival

Kurjovikens Sjökrog, Skellefteå

Sävenäs Pop & Visfestival is the small intimate festival in Kurjovikens Havsmarina which is located at the mouth of the Skellefteå River. The festival has a local focus on artists or artists connected to Skellefteå. The festival also gives young people an opportunity to perform with good technology and to exchange experiences with more established artists.

You can see a total of 8 acts during the evening, of which 3 acts come from the Trästock family, which we are very proud of.

Very welcome!

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Price information

Tickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center and online at Ticketmaster.

We have two price categories.

Adults 199 SEK, youth and senior 149 SEK

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