Storytelling- Sustainable Sara NOTE! CANCEL!

Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


NOTE! The guided tour is in Swedish.

Two enthusiasts take you on a storytelling walk with a theme of sustainability through Sara Kulturhus. In what way can art be sustainable and why is Sara Kulturhus considered sustainable? Follow along behind the scenes and look behind the scenes and in the workshop, among other things. Collection inside the northern entrance to Sara culture house. Guide is Malin Åberg and Carola Fallgren.

Children under 12 are free and need a free ticket that can be picked up at Skellefteå Tourist Center or booked online here at Ticketmaster.

The organizer is Skellefteå municipality in collaboration with Skellefteå museum, Visit Skellefteå, Skelleftebygden's storytelling association and a number of enthusiasts.

All hikes are at your own risk.

Price information

155 SEK when buying at Skellefteå Tourist Center.

175 SEK pc when buying online at


Tickets at Skellefteå turistcenter + 46 (0) 910 45 25 10 and at

Advance purchase only.

The storytelling walk takes about 1 hour.

Maximum 20 places, it is possible. to increase in places if interest exists.