Solen sover with UusiTeatteri

Hall Nordanå, Skellefteå

It's bedtime! Everyone has to sleep, the fire truck and the excavator, the house and the tree, and even the sun needs to go to bed to get up again in the morning!

Solen sover is a continuation of UusiTeatteri's previous performances Månen sover and Dockan sover the concluding part of a trilogy based on newly written goodnight stories by Jukka Korpi.

One of the ideas with the trilogy is to create children's performances that are partly both stripped down and calm in pace, but which at the same time invite the children a variety of associations and interpretive possibilities. Something completely different than computer games on a screen.

The goodnight stories in Solen sover are told with the help of newly written music, lyrics and movement. It will be a real art break for the children - a performance that provides space for feelings, thoughts and dreams, and of course a little fun.

For children 2-6 years
Length: about 30 min.
Venue: Hallen, Nordanå

Tickets are availableto buy at Skellefteå Turistcenter tel. 0910 452510 or via

Ticket release 12/8 at 10.00,

Note! Children under the age of 1 sitting in the lap of the accompanying adult do not need a ticket. Escorts to the wheelchair cage have free admission but must book a ticket via Skellefteå Tourist Center

Photo: Kai Kangassalo

Organizer: Skellefteå municipality culture and library department

The performance is part of the Minority Day 27/8 at Nordanå
Read more about the Minority Day here

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Price information

Children under 1 year who sit in the accompanying adult's lap free admission, do not need a ticket.

These are unnumbered places.

Escorts to the wheelchair cage have free admission and are booked at Skellefteå Tourist Center tel. 0910-452510.


Manus/regi/koreografi: Jukka Korpi
Scenografi/kostym: Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa
Musik/ljud: Linnea Jansson
Ljus: Linnea Jansson & Jim Nurminen Intonen
Medverkande: Linda Jokela/Vivi Laakko
Illustration: Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa