Puss & Kram - Nyblom / Betnér

Skelleftehamn, Skellefteå

"Kiss & Hug" with Henrik Nyblom and Magnus Betnér coming to Skelleftehamn!

Henrik Nyblom and Magnus Betnér invite you to a colorful journey along the entire humorous spectrum. Equal parts madness as razor-sharp satire. Tracks are promised!

What for Henrik Nyblom would have been some guest appearances on Magnus Betnér's Work in Progress tour 2020 eventually became almost 100 joint appearances throughout Sweden. Now the duo is doing something together for real and embarking on a nationwide tour. With two acclaimed solo tours behind him, Henrik Nyblom is something new on the Swedish humor scene. The expression anything can happen has never suited anyone better than him. Accurate observation of comedy and life views from an emigrated Skara boy are mixed with the very finest of nonsense. Of course accompanied by a loop machine.

Magnus Betnér is a Swedish standup. No one works more often or writes more new material. For almost 25 years Magnus Betnér, together with a few others, has been the person who has driven the industry forward, developed it, and ensured that it never stopped. In 2021, Magnus did over 200 shows around Sweden. In addition to this, Magnus 2020-2021 released four specials, gained over 100,000 followers on TikTok, and participated in "Alla mot alla" on Kanal 5. In May, Magnus' new special will be recorded in Vaasa, Finland. The special will be his 16th.

This comedy special is only in Swedish. 

05Oct 18:30 - 20:00

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