Lifsens rot

Lövånger, Skellefteå

The story of Rönnog. About the happiness of being in love and the misfortune of being born a woman. About the quest to feel justified, about passion, shame, prohibitions, and admonitions - where resistance becomes the very core, the source of power; anger is the root of life.

The novel Lifsens rot, which Sara Lidman wrote about her mother, is nothing more than an act of love – a reconciliation, but not beautification. We get to follow Rönnog through her upbringing as a mother and matriarch in a settler area in Västerbotten. She gives up her job as a dairymaid to marry the small farmer Isak Mårten Mårtensson. Love triumphs over the fear of poverty but; it has met a worthy opponent!

Ellenor Lindgren
Nina Nordvall Vahlberg

11Sep 14:00 - 16:00

Contact information

Folkets hus Lövånger, Skolvägen 6
Contact: Katarina Lundqvist
Phone: +46-702333917

Organizer: Lövångers hembygdsförening med stöd av Skellefteå kommun


Price information

Adult: SEK 200

Youth up to 18 years: SEK 100

Please pre-book on 070-233 39 17, payment on site.


Location: Folkets Hus in Lövånger
Duration: 2 hours incl. Pause.

Coffee sale during the break.