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Skellefteå museum, Skellefteå

"I got a doll for Christmas. One with sleepy eyes. Such a beautiful doll".

Ebba Stenlund's story is one of many in Storsia at Skellefteå museum. Around the exhibition halls there are 47 short stories to listen to - interviews and readings of newspaper clippings, diary entries and letters. To listen to the stories, scan the QR code with your phone. There are also tablets for loan at the reception. NOTE! The stories are in swedish.

Welcome to Storsia and Skellefteå museum!

Part of the 2022 Storytelling Festival.

Storsia is a permanent exhibition at Skellefteå museum that takes you through the history of Skellefteå, Norsjö and Malå - from 10,500 years before our era to the year 2020.

18Oct 10:00 - 19:00 Skellefteå museum
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