"Kroppar i myrmarken"


A poetry performance about heritage, place, body and trans identity. NOTE! In swedish.

"Within me, two worlds try to belong, both equally inescapable and essential. Marsh and huckle, transgender and activist. Always outside the box. My queerness must belong to the big city, my village back then. Inside, everything is going on at the same time”.

The Skellefteå poet Lo Ragnar Lindström explores its heritage in Västerbotten's mylla and the body that carries us. The thread of trans identity runs through the performance. To be faced with changing one's body in order to live in harmony with the outside world.

The performance is intimate and close. The specific stories raise universal human questions and emotions and the straightforward dialectal language gives room for humanity and laughter while the story goes deep.

The press photos were taken by Thea Holmqvist.

The performance is free of charge but with a limited number of seats.
Organizer: Museum Anna Nordlander
Location: Art Workshop, floor 2. Sara Kulturhus

Part of the Storytelling Festival.

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