THINK: Renata Chlumska - Think higher – aim further!

Stage 1, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Renata Chlumska is undoubtedly Sweden's foremost female adventurer with fantastic achievements such as paddling and cycling around the US's lower 48 states and climbing the "Seven Summits" the highest mountain in every continent. As the first Swedish woman, she climbed the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, at the age of 25.

During Göran Kropp's expedition to Everest in 1996, Renata was base camp manager for and responsible for the film crew and then cycled home from Nepal to Sweden. Four years before she herself climbed Mount Everest. Renata shares her experiences from her various expeditions and with the mountains and nature as a backdrop, she shows what it takes to reach the top. It takes visions, goals, preparation, the right attitude and attitude and hard work to name a few building blocks. She believes that climbing a mountain is in many respects the same as running a business.

There are also many parallels to our more everyday challenges, which can be found in, for example, workplaces and in sports. Here she highlights the importance of having the right people in the right place, making everyone feel and understand that their task is important, then the possibility of reaching the overall goal increases. A functioning team of motivated individuals.

During her lecture, Renata conveys the feeling that we can succeed even with the most seemingly impossible challenges if we proceed in a structured way. Important elements such as motivation, propensity to change, goal focus and risk assessment are some of the components, so that it is possible to carry out the type of expeditions that she undertakes. Project management, how she builds the team and leads herself and others therefore become natural elements that she shares.

Right now Renata is working on the next project, to be the first Swedish woman to travel to the moon and climb the highest mountain on the moon, Mons Huygens 5000 m high.

The THINK lecture series at Sara Cultural Center presents some of Sweden's leading speakers. With their insights and stories, the lecturers sow small seeds of thought in the audience's consciousness and inspire reflection. Sometimes transparent, captivating and clever. Other times creative, exciting and just a little wonderful.

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