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Stage 4, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Trampling and daily visits. Fighting for a couple of decimetres of floor space in an overcrowded barracks. Renting out a weed comb for a few crumbs of bread. "You don't have to tell me you're Jewish." The words have followed Gisela Nilsson throughout her life. What was her mother afraid of? They lived in Sweden.

Consider that almost an entire nation wants you dead. Not just some crappy classmates but millions of people who want you to be dehumanized, degraded, starved, deprived of your integrity and sanity and exterminated in the most brutal way. Just because you are Jewish.

Gisela Nilsson portrays her mother's journey from Budapest to the Bergen Belsen camp and then on to Sweden. But she also lets the audience share in her own inner journey. A journey to understand his Jewish heritage and confront the pain of following in his mother's footsteps. And to open the door to expose the xenophobia that still existsthreatens today.

Theater Västernorrland's actor Gisela Nilsson has dramatized her mother's testimony from the 1944 deportation to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Finding Home takes us through layers of despair, hopelessness and inhumanity. The black of night mixes with an intense determination to survive. But the play is just as much about strength, where Gisela's story is edged with both warmth and humor as well as the courage to dare to tell

21Oct 17:00 - 19:00 Stage 4, Sara kulturhus

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Torggatan 7
Contact: Maria Asserud
Phone: +46-705695632

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern AB


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Cast: Gisela Nilsson