Festival club - from stand up to storytelling battle!

Stage 2, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Festival club: From stand up to storytelling battle!

18.00-23.00 Festival club with the possibility to buy drinks and light dishes/snacks in the bar
18.30-19.30 Stand-up with Martin Svensson
20.00-22.00 Story Fight Night with the house band Mästerskapet

Pleasant company, good atmosphere and quality on stage.

Welcome to hang out for an evening, enjoy the entertainment and with serving.

Martin Svensson's accurate recognition humor is a success all over the country. Martin's humor is smart, warm and audience-friendly. Laughter guarantee is promised with a warning for stomach cramps! Now he warms up the audience before it's time for the storytellers to start their battle in Story Fight Night.

Martin Svensson is a comedian, presenter, moderator and teaches standup and creativity.
In addition to his own stand-up performances, he tours with his own productions such as "Fifty, divorced and surprised" and "Selfie - a skewed self-image".

Price information

295 ordinary

220 youth (up to 26 years)/stud


Cast: Martin Svensson, Mastership, Nordic Storytelling Center/Västerbottensteatern