Names of places tell us about our history

Skellefteå museum, Skellefteå

Ulf Lundström, local historian and longtime employee at Skellefteå museum, has a doctorate on place names. In this performance, he offers some interesting explanations of what is hidden behind the names of well-known places such as Kåge, Fällfors and Jörn. NOTE! In swedish!

The names of places tell us stories from unscripted times. In Västerbotten there are many places with unique and sometimes seemingly inexplicable names.
Names of places capture, preserve and tell posterity about conditions, events, thoughts, beliefs and about how people lived their lives in a bygone era, a time from which we do not know much about people's everyday lives. Place names can be considered compressed texts or peepholes into history.

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Part of Storytelling festival.
Location: Hallen, Nordanå

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