Guided tour in Storsia - Note! In Swedish

Skellefteå museum, Skellefteå

Seize the opportunity and get to know more about our region's history, through a guided tour in Storsia. Listen to the museum's archivist as he tells more about, among other things, the Kåge find, the Finnish war, the Högström family and the arrival of democracy in the village. No registration is required. NOTE! In swedish.

Jörgen Andersson, archivist at Skellefteå museum, has a great knowledge of the course of our history. This fall, he invites you to three guided tours in Storsia. On all three occasions, you will get an overview of the course of history, but with an emphasis on different periods. Each guided tour therefore gives you the chance to learn something new!

The guided tour is free of charge and no registration is required. We meet at the reception at Skellefteå museum and leave together from there.

A warm welcome!

Sunday 25 September:
General viewing with a focus on the Ice Age to the 16th century. Hear Jörgen tell about the Kåge find, laws during the 14th century, the transition from Catholicism to Protestantism and the mythical Bureå monastery.

Sunday 23 October:
General viewing with a focus on the 17th - 19th centuries. Get to know the story about when the city of Skellefteå was founded. Who was the provost Högström? And what are the wars that former Skellefte residents participated in during these centuries?

Sunday 6 November:
General viewing with focus from the yerar 1900 - present. The arrival of democracy, the gold rush in Bjurliden and how Boliden AB came into existence, rationing during the war years and the arrival of cinema and television are some of the areas that Jörgen tells more about!

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