Mira - The girl from far away

Skelleftehamn, Skellefteå

This is a family show suitable for all ages based on a celebrated picture book by Annika Thors and Maria Jönsson from 2014 that was awarded the Elsa Beskow plaque. The show is performed in a fictitious language and is therefore suitable for everyone regardless of background and native language.

On a cold winter evening, Mira knocks on the door of a lonely little cottage. Svea, who lives inside, really wants to be alone, but still decides to open the door. There's something about Mira. She looks so different. She is so different. She laughs and sings for seemingly no reason and speaks a language no one seems to understand. At least not Svea. It stirs something in her. A longing to also laugh and play with others - awakens a desire to belong.

A visually beautiful and poetic little gem of musical theater where language is not central, but what happens between us... and within us. Svea and Mira's meeting -  with words that we may not understand but with actions that all people understand - raises the question of daring to open the door and let in those who need a safe haven. With the help of all the magical means of the theater and without language skills required, the audience can step into a world of new possibilities and then at the end dance out into a hopefully brighter reality.

The set is based on Annika Thor and Maria Jönsson's acclaimed picture book from 2014, which was awarded the Elsa Beskow plaque. The book is Annika Thor's picture book debut, she is known above all as an acclaimed author of novels for adults and young adults, such as En ö i havet and Truth or Consequence - the latter August prize-awarded and filmed.

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17Oct 18:00 - 18:45

Contact information

Berzeliusgatan 2
Contact: Jessica Larsson
Phone: +46-91033600

Organizer: Folkets Hus Skelleftehamn

E-mail: info@skelleftehamnfolketshu...
Website: www.skelleftehamnfolketshus.se

Price information

SEK 100 plus any service charges.

Tickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center and Ticketmaster.se.


Location: Skelleftehamn Folkets Hus