Summertime Music & Life Festival

Norrvalla Sports Stadium, Skellefteå

We welcome you to the third year of the Skellefteå Summertime Music & Life Festival. The location for Skellefteå Summertime is Norrvalla Sports Center or as we chose to call it - Norrvalla Festival area, Skellefteå's new big festival venue! Skellefteå Summertime is one of Norrland's biggest festivals together with Storsjöyran in Östersund, Brännbollsyran in Umeå, and Kirunafestivalen. With approx. 90,000 – 100,000 visitors during the 4 days the event takes place, making the Summertime Festival Skellefteå's biggest event! We welcome you to the second year of the Skellefteå Summertime Music & Life Festival and look forward to seeing you with us for many years! For more information visit:

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