Terrarium - Norrdans

Nordanåteatern, Skellefteå


They live in a thing.
They carry a whole world with them.
Fat hidden, fixed under magnifying glass,
and sometimes part of a model squad.
Are they waiting for someone's gaze?
Or are they unfazed by other people's clicks?
Now you will see,
how nine unseen types enter,
in this terrarium, in this intimate odyssey.

" What we find exciting in the idea of the terrarium is in many ways the similarity to the theater as a room and its function. A terrarium is precisely a confined space for land-dwelling creatures whose primary function, apart from providing these creatures with a functional place for their activity, is to be viewed. With Terrarium, we are in a sense building a theater within the theater. And in this particular terrarium, a Swedish bald eagle has moved in together with nine types. This gang not only lives here, they also have a very important task, they are each other's environmentand they become each other's landscapes. "

Artistic team

Choreographer: OR/OR (Anja Arnquist & Madeleine Lindh)
Costume designer: Naemi Gustavsson
Composer: William Rickman
Lighting designer: Anton Andersson

Leila Verlinden
Chang Liu
Jonathan Starr
Sam Huczkowski
Lander Casier
Kevin Julianto
Damini Gairola
Courtney Mazeika
Arunas Mozuraitis

Albert Buch Gøbel
Yeji Lim

Photo: Norrdans

rek from 10 years

Performance duration: 1 hour 5 minutes

Price: SEK 150 youth <26 years or student: SEK 100

Organizer: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening

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Price information

Price: SEK 150 youth <26 years or student: SEK 100