Folk som sår i snö

Jörn's library, Skellefteå

Writer's evening with Tina Harnesk.

Folk som sår i snö is Tina Harnesk's debut novel. The rights to the book have already been sold to 13 countries and the book has received many great reviews. 
"Folk som sår i snö" is a novel about two generations that have been marked by the Northern Sami experience: an older generation, which was forcibly moved south as children, and the grandchildren's generation, which grew up completely without contact with the Sami.
The reader meets 85-year-old Máriddja, who has been diagnosed with cancer but where no one should know, and especially not her husband Biera. Nor should anyone come and decide when Máriddja will die.

Wednesdag 19 April at 18.00
Jörns library
Free entrance
Arr: Skellefteå Municipality/Jörns library and Bilda

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