OK Robot

Hall Nordanå, Skellefteå

Welcome to the Tigris charging station. Here you can charge your mobile devices and also yourself. But the station is behaving strangely. A robot has been tasked with finding Tigris, who seems to be in the wrong place. How could it have happened? At the same time, a person is stressing around, completely dependent on the smart technology, looking for charging to put his life puzzle together. A puzzle that the voice assistant Iris does not directly facilitate. When they all meet at the hidden station, a journey full of bugs, awkward misunderstandings, emotional outbursts, logical gaps and philosophical conflicts begins. But isn't the purpose of machines to make life easier for humans? And why is man so ambiguous and skeptical of robots? Old conflicts come to the surface, new friendships and new lessons are at the door.

Creators/Artistic Team:

Screenplay: Jan Karlsson

Director: Tobias Morin

Costume and mask: Ulla Karlsson

Attributeand Robot construction: Jacob Petersson

Construction and composer: Martin Ogland

Producer and composer: Patrik Ågren

Photo: Magnus Åström


Daniel Rudstedt and Jessie Lewis Skoglund

Performance length: 40 min

Price: SEK 250, child SEK 100, family ticket 1 adult + 2 children SEK 400

Location: Hallen Nordanå

Organiser: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening in collaboration with Skellefteå Municipality.

Price information

Price: Adult SEK 250, child SEK 100, family ticket 1 adult + 2 children SEK 400.

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