SARA challenges – STRENGTH!

Jörn, Skellefteå

"The world today is indeed complicated - Together we can develop it."

We listen to 12 readers with 12 Sara Lidman texts. Maybe we leave there quiet and thoughtful. Perhaps the meeting will end with someone picking up the thread and saying "Hey, what's up then..."

On some Wednesdays there will also be visits and stories from one of Lifsen's villages.

Time 18:00-approx. 19:00/19:30
Jörn's library (5/7 in Missenträsk)

Wednesday 18 January Harald Larsen reads and talks about Sara as a letter writer

Wednesday 15 February Daniel Sjögren reads.

Wednesday 15 March Rose-Marie Lindfors reads Granberg - Lifsens willage. (Note, change of date)

Wednesday 12 April Kjell Hanseklint reads, (Note, change of date)

Wednesday 10 May Örjan Berglund & Jennie Samuelsson read.

Wednesday 7 June Ingalill Degerfeldt reads.

Wednesday 5 July IN MISSENTRÄSK Marika Westermark reads.

Coffee is available for purchase

Co-arrangement:Skellefteå municipality/Jörn library, Sara Lidman society, JESS

07Jun 18:00 - 19:00
05Jul 18:00 - 19:00

Contact information

Furugatan 7
Contact: Ann-Sofie Burström
Phone: +46-91610485

Organizer: The City Library


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