In a balloon over the Arctic

Trappscenen, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Andrée's polar expedition in 1897. Three men from Stockholm intend to reach the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon.

Three men with non-existent knowledge of the only subject that will prove to matter - how to stay alive in arctic conditions. Their remains were found in 1930, 33 years after they left.

Everything was wrong with the André expedition. Why didn't anyone say “Stop! Hey guys, this is not a good idea, the balloon is leaking, isn't it?” Before they flew away? Why did they leave? And why did they die?

In the performance In a balloon over the Arctic, we get to accompany the actor Maria Pontén on a musical journey among ice, snow, and storms on the polar ice cap. In search of the truth about what happened to the expedition.


"Icy cold and glowing love. Maria Pontén knows the art of bringing a story to life." (NSD)

"It is a depiction filled with mystery – and music. Of icy coolness – and passion....A thoroughly impressive effort." (NSD)

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Price information

SEK 260 lunch theater

SEK 315 dinner theatre


With and by Maria Pontén

Scenography and decor: Mona Blombäck and Kalle Nyman
Lights and projections: Marcus Hagman
Sound technology: Daniel Fröjd Wasberg
Performance photo: Magnus Stenberg