Frida Uhl

Trappscenen, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Frida Uhl was an all-around artist and a hard-working theater and art critic, today better known for being "Strindberg's second wife" than for how she influenced modern literature and cultural life. In this performance, her exciting life is dramatized.

She is one of many forgotten professional women who purposefully and risk-filled fought for artistic freedom and against the censorship of everything that was then considered morally reprehensible. She moved between Berlin, Paris, London, and New York, and her life was bordered by scandals and groundbreaking projects where she asserted women's right to economic independence, sexual liberation, and intellectual acumen.

By dramatizing parts of Frida's life taken from her own notes, letters, and texts, Strindberg's intimate theater wants to highlight her outstanding work, her courage, and how she shows us the direction toward renewal and development into the future. Within the performing arts was a pioneer with a keen sense of the new currents; she started cabaret scenes and created networks for artists, performers, and business people. During her travels, she translated her husband's texts into several different languages (including Strindberg's Scientific Writings into English) and created jobs for them around the world. She also had two children: Friedrich (with Frank Wedekind) and Kerstin (with August Strindberg).

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