In need and desire

Trappscenen, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Lise & Gertrud have created a stage of their own - After a long period of musical celibacy, Lise & Gertrud saw the opportunity to rub off on the neighborhood pub's VIP shelf.

"Thankfully, we always had each other to lean on when the jobs were shut down in a flash, so it will be a tribute to the two of us - In need and desire, say Lise and Gertrud".
Music that you recognize, in a blissful mix filtered through two cruelly interwoven artists and an incomparable cello, where the duality runs like twisted threads through the notes.

Meet the duo who, after 20 years together, continue to be faithful to each other. "Oceans of time we have given of our life, to build our we," they both say.
Closely produced and closer than usual - You simply don't want to miss this.

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Price information

SEK 260 lunch theater

SEK 315 dinner theatre