When I go where I want, Then I'm free.

Bureå bibliotek, Skellefteå

"My lecture is probably quite different in a way, as it is about my journey towards being myself, being allowed to exist at all. Surviving what I was exposed to as a child, and for a long time I didn't even want to live, I knew it was me who was at fault.

I say it's different because my trans journey has been relatively painless because all other pain took over. I kind of just wanted to be a normal guy, like anyone else. But the road there was long, but not because of what people think…”

ATTENTION! The lecture is for you who are 18 years or older (15 years accompanied by an adult). Trigger warning: Violence and child abuse, substance abuse, prostitution, self-injurious behavior.

Day and time: Monday, February 13 at 18.00-19.30
Location and location: Bureå library

Limited number of places, registration required.
Register via this link: When I go where I want, Then I'm free (simplesignup.se)

Arr: Skellefteå Municipality/City Library

Included as an event during Pride Week 12-18 February in Skellefteå

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