Öppen scen - Queera berättelser

The City Library, Skellefteå

The library has continuously offered the Öppen scen so that both old and new cultural actors will have the opportunity to take their place on the public stage of culture. During Skellefteå Pride, we raise the queer voices and give them an arena during Öppen scen.

Come and tell your story, freely and in your own words.
Or come as an audience and listen to the Skelleftebor's queer stories

NOTE! Öppen scen takes place in the Västerbottensrummet in the City Library, which is an open and public space.
Please email the responsible contact person for more information about the arrangement.

Tuesday 14 February 18.00-19.00
City library, Västerbottensrummet
Sara kulturhus

For those who want to tell: Registration is required, no later than 10/2, report to contact person: linnea.wikman@skelleftea.se
For those who want to listen: Drop-in, no registration.

Arr: Skellefteå Municipality/City Library

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Free admission.