Stage 2, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

DIIVA - A tribute to adolescence

“I am Diva, everything I tell you is true. Close your eyes, and dream of the most beautiful thing there is. Open your eyes again. See me. DivaLucia. Thirteen years, soon to be fourteen. BabyWonder. She man thought did not exist. Carefree and beautiful. Above all, a child.”

One of Finland's internationally best-known authors, Monika Fagerholm's novel Diva (1998) is a coming-of-age account of a girl who approaches adulthood with an appetite for life. It is not only Finland's depiction of adolescence in a suburb, but also a picture of growing up, painful transition and transformation, first love, and great sorrows. Of course, we all remember that. The time when every day was a little party and a little death. The Roaring Time Period.
Diva, dramatized and directed by Laura Mattila, is a shocking and joyful performance in its absurdity, with dreams of teenagers who can do it all, and celebrates all kinds of girls.

Price information

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SEK 355 regular price

SEK 215 youth (up to 26 years)/stud



Duration: approx. 2 hours 10 minutes including a break.
Age recommendation 13 years. Note! The performance includes strobe lights for a while.
Dramatization and direction: Laura Mattila
Scenography and costume design: Julia Jäntti
Sound design: Rauno Paananen
Lighting design: Elina Romppainen
Mask and wig design: Eija Juutistenaho
Cast: Annika Aapalahti, Sami Lalou, Aki Pelkonen, Anne Syysmaa and Juho Uusitalo

The language of the performance is Finnish and the performance is subtitled in Swedish.