Showroom, Nordanå, Skellefteå


February 11 - February 28

"I'll take the shortcut across the field, past the aspen grove.
It is luminous and transparent, unreal. On the ground is a brown-black black carpet
of decaying leaves. I take a picture and save the colors. The black is close to me, though
luminescent yellow is trickier.

Thinking deeper down, to roots and root shoots that form underground worlds, form
stock. Aspen is a pioneer tree. It comes on quickly and easily, a little volatile. If now one
trees can be volatile.

I want to weave through the layers, a long dark weave, maybe in wool.
The crowns of the aspens rattle. They tremble to prevent pests from getting attached to the leaves.
I recognize myself, and carefully unravel a rustling paper yarn.

Much of my artistry is about repetition, patience and time. A slight tremor
just, no big moves.

A few weeks later havethe leaves have fallen. Pencil branches against the sky. Old rickety trunks
and young stems in silver gray and yellow.
That yellow again...Possibly paired with undyed linen. I'll start there.
Taking the long way back, over the forest. Don't know if I got lost or found home.

(Image by Victoria Melinder
The picture is a collage of several textiles, not named)

Viktoria Melinder is a textile artisan and hand weaver, living in Nordingrå,

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