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Democracy in progress


Democracy is fantastic but complicated! But how does a country become democratic? And how do you hold a democratic conversation?

The exhibition Democracy in progress offers a broad introduction to democracy as a concept and a way of life. We also get to follow the development of democracy in Sweden and take part in personal destinies and stories during the journey.

Democratic decisions require conversation - but how does a conversation actually become democratic? The exhibition is adapted for children aged 9 to 12 years. It is also possible to visit the exhibition on your own, try to solve the justice dilemma and listen to students who reason and talk about democracy. 
Using QR codes, the exhibition texts can be heard read in Swedish or English or displayed in Swedish sign language. There are also films in english to look at.

Offer for schools
For the exhibition, we offer a free teacher-led workshop for grades 4 – 6 in Skellefteå, Norsjö and Malå municipalities. Please contact our museum educator Sandra Marklund for questions and booking a

The exhibition is produced by Forum for living history. It can be visited at Skellefteå museum 26 February – 24 September 2023. Photo: Martin Skoog.

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